The Centre is acting as catalyst for promoting and strengthening women’s studies through teaching, research, curriculum development, field and extension work, training and continuing education, etc. The centre has worked in the areas of gender equity, economic and self reliance, girls education, population education, issues of women rights, laws, social exploitation, awareness activities, capacity building etc.


The centre is expected to play a vital role in academic upliftment including mainstreaming gender perspective into development process. It is working to create gender friendly environment for the development of women to make them realize their full potential, by providing equal access to health care, educational, and occupational facilities. It tries to act as catalyst for the same through teaching, research, training, field and extension work etc. Centre is acting to create a conducive environment by creating infrastructure and women’s basic educational and common facilities. The centre is performing its role and functions so as to assimilate and transmit knowledge through teaching, research, complementary roles for the academic communities and society as a whole, field action documentation and thereby supplement and strengthen the national goals and contribute to the policy making and implementing actions. 

Thrust Areas::

1.       Teaching & Training

2.       Research

3.       Extension

4.       Documentation and Publication

5.       Advocacy

6.       Seminars& Workshops

7.       Networking &Coordinating with other agencies

8.       Monitoring & Review

Admin:- Sakib Zarger