It's my realization that women all over India are participating in all walks of life actively and efficiently. Earlier they were considered only a unit of a family set up by the society but they have always been a significant unit of the society and have also directed the social change in it, though many a times silently.  History has given us many great examples of how women have always had to struggle to find a solid footing in this world and had to overcome many impediments. It is time that we give those silent screams for justice and equality a voice. It makes me happy and proud that society today has started to recognize the importance of women and there is much larger acceptance of women’s abilities, qualities, and aspirations which were otherwise, privileges of men only.

 The main aim of the Centre is to explore the basic problems confronted by the women and conduct various research projects on the issues confronted by women nowadays. In order to achieve our mission, the Centre for Women Studies is focusing on Teaching & Training, Research, Documentation and Publication, Advocacy, Seminars & Workshops, Networking & Coordinating with other agencies, Monitoring & Review and many more courses that we are hoping to add where men and women are taught to raise their voices for any injustice that they see and act on it and at the same time inculcate a behaviour in them so they treat their fellows with equality irrespective of their gender. Besides, the Centre has started M.A Gender Studies in the year 2018. The Centre is looking forward to introduce a new subject “Gender Studies” in the curriculum of Govt. Degree College Kulgam. I am sanguine that our talented Teaching/Non-teaching and dynamic students will allow the Centre to reach new heights and hope that this creates a ripple in the society that results in a change we all want to see.

Dr Tabasum Firdous