Awareness campaign on “Breast Cancer & Reproductive Health of Women” at Ladroo, Pahalgam (District Anantnag)

The Centre is conducting an awareness campaign on “Breast Cancer & Reproductive Health of Women” on 21st October 2021 at Ladroo, Pahalgam (District Anantnag) under the RUSA project.

Centre for Women’s Studies (CWSR), University of Kashmir,  (21st of October, 2021) organized an awareness camp on “Breast Cancer and Reproductive Health of Women”as a part of a series of programmes already been organized elsewhere and more to follow afterwards, under its community-based outreach project work associated with Rashtriya Uchchatar Skiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) in a far-flung Gujjar village named, Wangidar, Halqa, Lidroo Block, Pahalgam.The programme began with a formal rapport building session where in a proper introduction of the programme was providedby Prof. Dr.Tabasum Firdous, Director, CWSR to all the indigenous participants who were approximately 40 in number. The local participants were predominantly Gujjar women however, presence of few male members was also seen that made the programme even more inclusive and completely community oriented. The participants were given enough time to reveal their health-related issues followed up by comprehensive counselling sessions both individually as well as collectivelyled by Prof. Dr. Tabasum Firdous and followed up by Dr. Roshan Ara, Dr. Shazia Malik, Dr, Rabia Bazaz. The sessions were also facilitated by: Dr. Abdul Basit, Dr. Zahid, Dr. Suhayl Hakak. Following the counselling sessions, some basic/primary medicationwas also provided to most of the participants including, iron and calcium supplements, Vitamin B complex supplements etc. In the valedictory remarks, Prof. Tabasum thanked all the local participants and appreciated their zeal and zest and most importantly promised them that a few skill-based vocational centres will be launched in the near future to identify and broadcast the local economic potential of the female folk.


  • Event Date: 21-Oct-2021 - 21-Oct-2021
  • Venue: Ladroo, Pahalgam
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